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“Appointlink offers excellent availability of support staff, with quick response to issues. The team is always willing to work through and understand unique business processes.”

Attendance made easy

Take Attendance in 4 easy steps.

STEP 1. Click on Attendance button for class

STEP 2. Click on date, press create

STEP 3. Make sure Attendance in on Absent mode (to do so, click on button in upper left corner, in drop down menu, click Absent

STEP 4. Click on the missing people.

See video for versatile report options



Lindenwood University approached Appointlink with a concept for a very unique product that simply did not exist in the market. That concept was cultivated into a web application that not only met our needs but exceeded our expectations. Appointlink was extremely professional and regularly involved end-users and stake-holders throughout the design and testing phases of the products development.


The employees at AppointLink deliver!  When presented with a challenging assignment, they listen, design, assess, and adjust to provide effective outcomes based upon user needs.  AppointLink provides solutions, not excuses.


MyLaw is completely integrated into the way we do business at UCLA School of Law. We use every module available. I can’t imagine the law school functioning as well—or as efficiently without MyLaw.  MyLaw has revolutionized and streamlined many elements common to all Law Schools such as Course Pages, Communications, and Take Home Exams, and brings them together into a single portal for the convenience of the entire school.


AppointLink is a first-rate company and they deeply care about producing a useful and stable product. This is evident through their excellent customer service and responsiveness to our school’s needs. They are always open to considering our suggestions for new products or improvements to existing ones.


Quickest Way to Add an Announcement or Event within MyLaw

Wanna know the quickest way to create an announcement within Mylaw?  Well here you go.

STEP 1: Locate the Create Link in the Header
From anywhere in the site, locate the create link in the header.  If you are a member of a department and have permissions to add content to Mylaw, you will see this link.

STEP 2: Select the Announcement or Event Option in the Modal
If you are a member of multiple departments, you may be asked to select which department you wish the item to originate from.

STEP 3: Complete the Form
At a minimum, be sure to fill out all required fields and target only the audiences where the announcement is applicable.  Doing this will ensure that the content on a user’s home page is of high value.  Click “Save”

STEP 4: Double Check Your Announcement
Give it a good review.  Should you need to edit it, simply hover over the item, look for the edit icon and click it to modify.


MyLaw is an excellent product that unifies law school communication in a single platform.  Whatever information you need to present to students, be it announcements, calendared events, departmental information, or course management information, can be securely available with a single sign-on.  AppointLink customer service works with you to customize the interface to meet your needs and ongoing support is always available.